Preliminary Product Listing

Model: PSM-70M20G-32X8-ENET-2U-SFF


PMI Model No. PSM-70M20G-32X8-ENET-2U-SFF is a 32 Input , 8 Output Non-Blocking Matrix Switch covering 70MHz to 20.0GHz.  Solid State Switches allow for high reliability and switching speeds of 100ns.  Each output can be switched through the Ethernet connection and the IP address can be changed using a USB interface.  The Ethernet connection also allows for command acknowledgements to be returned to the user as well as switch positions and temperature.  The inputs are protected by a limiter and each output can be terminated into 50Ohms when it is not being used.  The default switch positions on power-on are to have all outputs terminated.  An optional 2-way switch can be added to all inputs allowing them to be terminated into 50Ohms when not used.

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Product Feature


Inputs IN1 - IN32

70MHz to 20.0GHz

  Absolute Max Power Level 1 Watt CW max
  Input P1dB Option 1: > 0dBm
Option 2: > -10dBm (>-5 with added input switch)
Option 3: > 0dBm
  Connectors SMA(F)
Outputs OUT1 - OUT8

70MHz to 20.0GHz

  Insertion Loss
 (Add 3dB with optional input switch)

Option 1: < 10dB
Option 2: < 15dB
Option 3: < 10dB



Power Supply 120VAC, 50/60Hz
6 Foot Power Cord Included
Fuse Protection Included
Digital Control Ethernet Control
Static IP Address set at factory
IP Address configurable through interface command structrure TBD command acknowledgements will be sent status to include switch positions and temperature
Size 2U 19" Rackmount Chassis, Depth TBD
Finish Powder Coated Blue