Phase Shifter's and Bi-Phase Modulator Products

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PMI offers the highest quality phase shifters and bi-phase modulators for industrial and military applications in the frequency range of a few MHz to 40 GHz. If you do not see exactly what you need, please e-mail your requirement to so we can propose an instant solution.

Features of Phase Shifter's:

  • 0 to 360 Degrees

  • Analog Controlled

  • Digital Controlled

  • Fast Speed

  • Low Insertion loss

  • High Phase Accuracy

  • Small Size

Features of Bi-Phase Modulator's:

  • 90, 180, 360 Degree Models

  • TTL or ECL Control

  • Digital Control

  • Fast Response

  • Low Insertion loss

  • High Phase Accuracy

  • Small Size


  • Hermetic Sealing

  • Military or Space Screening

  • Custom Packaging


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